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Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech from above

The pipe bending plant of Salzgitter Mannesmann Grobblech GmbH is the internationally leading manufacturer of induction-bent steel pipe.

At our Mülheim an der Ruhr location we produce pipe bends for projects around the world. Application areas include offshore and onshore pipelines, building and bridge construction, as well as drilling platforms and power plants.

Our induction bending machine ranks among the world's most efficient of its kind, producing seamless and welded pipe bends of high precision and shape accuracy in a wide range of dimensions. Extensive experience and continuous research & development give us a technological lead in the manufacture of steel pipe bends, and our comprehensive quality management ensures top quality and longevity of our products.

Mannesmann. Das Rohr.

Our close links to the Salzgitter Group's plate rolling and pipe mills of the Business Unit Mannesmann guarantee optimum starting material supplies at all times. In other words: from steel to pipe bend – everything comes from a single source.

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