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Induction bending

Induction bending

Induction bending is a largely automated process carried out by a high-performance bending machine in conjunction with inductive heating under precise temperature control. Our machine is the world's only one of its kind to be equipped with two bending arms, covering a size range of 4" to 64" and bending angles up to 180°. The machine's powerful design permits bending across both very narrow and extremely wide radii, even with large wall thicknesses and pipe diameters.

During the bending process, the pipe is clamped in the machine's bending arm and continuously pushed through an induction coil. Set to the desired bending radius, the bending arm describes a circular arc around its pivot point. Under the effect of the axial feed force applied to it, the pipe automatically follows this curve and is thus bent in a continuous process. The bending force is introduced via the feed unit. The bending arm merely controls the direction of the shaping process.

The inductively heated zone is kept as narrow as possible by means of water cooling. This ensures high dimensional accuracy in bending. Accordingly, extremely close tolerances can be applied in the subsequent check on the pipe bend dimensions.

Contact person
Lukas Krawetkowski

Lukas Krawetkowski

Phone: +49 208 458 4052


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