Building and bridge construction

The many and varied possibilities offered by steel as a material encourage architects to explore new ideas for extraordinary designs in which pipe bends often play an important role. Whether sweeping roof structures or bold bridge projects – steel pipe bends can be both structurally expedient and aesthetically pleasing.

Project showcases

Double arch bridge | Nordsternpark Gelsenkirchen (Inauguration: 1997)
Diameter 44''
Material St52-3
Bends 24
Tonnage ~ 230 t
Wall thickness 25 mm
Radius varies

Pipe bend sculpture at the factory gate of Sachsenring Automobil GmbH | Zwickau (Delivery year: 1995)
Diameter 30''
Material L 415.7
Bends 8
Tonnage ~ 13.5 t
Wall thickness 17.5 mm
Radius 20D