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Special applications

Thanks to their relatively thin yet robust walls, steel pipe bends are often the economically most viable solution – be it as structural tubes or as medium pipe. Numerous artists also appreciate and exploit their structural versatility and variability.

Project showcases

Parabola Slide | TU Munich (Inauguration: 2002)
Parabola Slide inside of TU Munich
Artists J. Brunner &
R. Ritz
Slide length 2 x 38 m
Diameter 40''
Bends 9
Tonnage ~ 20 t
Wall thickness 12.5 mm

Sculpture "Looping“ | Fairgounds Berlin (Inauguration: 1992)
Looping of Ursula Sax
Artist U. Sax
Total length ~ 130 m
Diameter 40''
Bends 27
Tonnage ~ 35 t

Sculpture "Garden hose" | Eschholzpark Freiburg (Inauguration: 1983)
"Garden hose" in Freiburg
Artists C. Oldenburg &
C. van Bruggen
Length hose ~ 125 m
Diameter 20''
Bends 24
Tonnage ~ 15 t

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