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Onshore pipelines, oil & gas

Pipe bends are indispensable when pipelines have to be laid in densely populated areas, mountainous regions or nature protection zones. Numerous references testify to our long-standing experience in onshore pipeline projects. The coating and/or lining of the pipe bends is matched to that of the straight pipes. Depending on the customer's requirements, we supply pipe bends with or without tangent lengths or segmentable bends, which can be cut to the required bending angle on site.

Project showcases

Baltic Pipe Lot 2 Denmark (Delivery year: 2020)
Baltic Pipe Project
Diameter 40'' 36''
Material L485ME
Bends 75 25
Tonnage ~ 300 t ~ 130 t
Wall thickness 14 – 26,5 mm 18 – 33,5 mm
Radius 10D
Baltic Pipe Project

TAP - Trans Adriatic Pipeline (Delivery years: 2016-2017)
TAP - Route
Diameter 48“ 36“
Material L485ME
Bends 1,516 43
Tonnage ~ 4,930 t ~ 100 t
Wall thickness 21 – 36 mm 32 & 36 mm
Radius 5D
Bends for the TAP project

Gasrotunde Netherlands | Gasunie (Delivery years: 2009–2010+2013)
Gasrotunde - Route
Diameter 48“
Material L485MB & L415MB
Bends 629
Tonnage ~ 2,200 t
Wall thickness 18 – 25.5 mm
Radius 5D

NEL - Northern European natural gas pipeline (Delivery years: 2010-2011)
NEL - Route
Diameter 56''
Material L485MB
Bends 236
Tonnage ~ 1,200 t
Wall thickness 29 mm
Radius 6D & rarely 4D

OPAL - Baltic Sea Pipeline Link (Delivery years: 2008-2010)
OPAL - Route
Diameter 56''
Material L485MB
Bends 320
Tonnage ~ 2,000 t
Wall thickness 27 mm
Radius 6D

Milfort Haven to Tirley | South Wales (Delivery years: 2005-2007)
Milfort Haven to Tirley
Diameter 48''
Material X80
Bends 1,383
Tonnage ~ 3,400 t
Wall thickness 19.5 & 28 mm
Radius 3D
Milfort Haven to Tirley - Route

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