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Coating / lining

Manual coating

Besides the selection of suitable pipe materials, longevity can be ensured by a suitable surface treatment, especially when pipe bends are used under extreme geological or climatic conditions. We offer our customers a range of coatings and linings, which are usually applied directly at our location, which eliminates the need for an additional intermediate transport and minimizes the risk of transport damage.

Due to the wide variety of possible bend geometries, the bends are manually coated and/or lined in individual layers by highly qualified and experienced operators.

The various coatings are also subjected to extensive testing, including the wet and dry film thickness, adhesion, hardness and the absence of coating holidays.


On completion of coating and/or lining, the bends are stenciled according to customer requirements, including bar-coding, if specified. Provided with temporary corrosion protection at the pipe ends, the bends are ready for shipment to the specified destination.

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Sebastian Matthaei

Sebastian Matthaei 

Phone: +49 208 458-4659


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