Research & development

We take pride in our technology leadership in induction bending. For us, it is a source of motivation in our own research and development efforts undertaken together with Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH, the Salzgitter Group's research institute whose scientists focus on steel as a material, covering all related aspects and applications.

Our flexibility in adapting our development work to the customers' needs and wishes allows us to find the best-suited solution for a given requirement profile quickly and reliably.

Our research and development activities focus on:

  • high-strength line pipe materials up to Grade X100
  • bends for low-temperature service down to -50 °C
  • manufacture of pipe bends with extreme dimensions (e.g. wall thicknesses >100 mm; radii >10,000 mm)
  • line pipe bends for sour service
  • internally clad pipe bends
  • pipe bends for high-temperature applications in power plants

Recent developments

3D explosion clad bends

Pipe Bending Plant qualified for the production of explosion clad bends. » read more