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Incoming inspection

Incoming inspection

Quality starts with the starting material. To make sure we meet our customers' quality requirements, we place stringent demands on the straight pipes we use for our pipe bends. Based on the intended application and customer specifications, we select the best-suited pipe in terms of geometry, mechanical-technological properties and suitability for induction bending. As a Salzgitter Group company, we are optimally positioned to take full responsibility for the starting material, thanks to our close links to the Group's own steelworks, plate rolling mills and pipe mills. Customers just have to specify the end product, and we'll take care of the rest.

Each pipe delivered to the pipe bending plant is subjected to an identity check as part of a detailed incoming inspection. This also includes allocation of the specified bends to the straight starting pipe. In many cases, several bends are made from a single straight pipe. After appropriate marking according to the bend geometry specified by the customer, the pipes are prepared for the induction bending process.

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Lukas Krawetkowski

Lukas Krawetkowski

Phone: +49 208 458 4052


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