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Our integrated EDP system collects all the relevant data of each pipe bend throughout the production path – from steelmaking to final inspection of the finished product. Each pipe bend delivery is accompanied by a detailed documentation set that informs the customer about the entire production path and includes all the reports of the tests and checks performed. Seamless traceability is thus ensured.

In all, the documentation comprises the following information:

  • starting material documents (plate or pipe certificate)
  • final inspection certificate of the pipe bends to DIN EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2, with parts list on the scope of delivery
  • detailed results of all mechanical-technological tests
  • heat treatment diagrams
  • nondestructive test reports
  • dimensional report for each pipe bend
  • ID and marking of each pipe bend
  • coating/lining certificate
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Sebastian Matthaei

Sebastian Matthaei 

Phone: +49 208 458-4659


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