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Supply range
For the bending of seamless and welded steel pipe, please refer to the diagram on the right.

Bending radius
Infinitely variable between 200 and 10,000 mm (Rm = 1.2 x D to 10 x D); in special cases, wider bending radii are also possible

Bending angle
Up to 180°, depending on the pipe size, material and bending radius

Induction-bent steel pipes, with or without tangent lengths, are available as:

  • single bends, and
  • multiple bends, e.g. swan-necks or three-dimensional bends.

If required, the bending radius can be varied within one bend, e.g. to follow a specific curve, such as a parabola. The related technical possibilities depend on the dimensions and bending radii involved.

Additional services

heat treatment (QT, N, solution annealing)

pipe end machining (also for adaptors/transition pieces)

pipe bend coating/lining (PUR, epoxy resin, PE, PP, FBE)

packaging (on pallets, in creates, or clamped packaging)

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