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Offshore applications

The manufacture of pipe bends for offshore oil and gas pipelines has long been part of our core business. Depending on the medium being carried we supply pipe bends in special offshore grades up to and including internally clad pipe bends. The tightest possible tolerances both on the pipe bend dimensions and welding edges ensure optimum connections between the pipe bend and straight pipes and for quick pipe-laying.

Project showcases

Nord Stream Pipeline | EUROPIPE / Nord Stream AG (Delivery year: 2010)
Nordstream - Route
Landfall Compressor Station
Building site Lubmin Vyborg Germany Russia
Diameter 48'' 38'' 28''
Material SAWL 450 L485MB L485M
Bends 10 9 19
Tonnage ~ 136 t ~ 25 t ~ 40 t
Wall thickness 38 mm 35 mm
Radius 5D 3D
Pipe bend for Nordstream

Clov Angola | Total (Delivery years: 2011–2013)
Clov Angola on the map
Flowline & Riser Bends Well Jumper
Diameter 12'' 10'' 6''
Material SMLS 450 DU/DSU
Bends 260 337 149
Tonnage ~ 160 t ~ 130 t ~ 10 t
Wall thickness 25.5 mm 21 mm 12.7 mm
Radius 4.3D 2.7D
Pipe bends for Clov Angola

Project Wheatstone Australia – Clad Bends | Chevron (Delivery years: 2012-2013)
Wheatstone on the map
Diameter 24“–6“
Material SAWL 450 with Alloy 625
Bends 423
Tonnage ~ 435 t
Wall thickness 17.5–35.0 mm (3.5 mm Clad)
Radius 5D
Pipe bend for Wheatstone

Drinking water pipeline to Northern Cyprus (Delivery years: 2013-2014)
Drinking water pipeline - Route
Drinking water pipeline - Sketch
Diameter 60“
Material X52
Bends 140
Tonnage ~ 1,300 t
Wall thickness 20 mm 
Radius 5D
Pipe bend for Northern Cyprus
Pipe bend for Northern Cyprus

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