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Heat treatment

The process-related heat input during induction bending can affect the microstructure and the mechanical-technological properties of the starting pipe. Pipe bends in high-grade steels of the kind used in pipeline and power plant construction are therefore heat-treated after induction bending. Depending on the size and material, this is done using one of the following methods:

  • stress-relief annealing / tempering
  • quench-and-temper Treatment (QT)
  • normalizing (N)
  • solution annealing

For this purpose, two natural gas-fired bogie hearth furnaces are available as well as a large water basin for quenching and ventilators for accelerated cooling in air.

As a special service, we also anneal pipes and components in our furnaces on a job basis.

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Lukas Krawetkowski


Lukas Krawetkowski

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